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If you'd like to see our container devanning before
switching up your systems, ask about our no obligations

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We do on-wharf container devanning as soon as it arrives,
so you receive it within hours of arrival in NZ.

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We can devan your cargo on-wharf
within 24 hours of arrival,
provided all paperwork is in order.

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We can help with MPI, cleanining, documents, re-packs
inspections, escorts
and avoid unnecessary penalties and demurrage.

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Contact us below for information on our
mobile devanning teams

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On-Wharf Devanning

Streamlining receipt of your container or flat rack direct from the ship, we devan on-wharf and deliver your cargo faster and cheaper within 24 hours.

On-Site Devanning

Arriving at your MPI Transitional Facility to devan your containers, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. We are highly skilled MPI Accredited Persons & forklift drivers.


Assisting with storage either on or off-wharf.


Assisting with delivery of your goods from the port to your warehouse.


Arranging MPI Inspections, cargo cleaning and weighing cargo.


Tracking your cargo in anticipation of its arrival in the country.

Clearing Cargo

Assisting with documentation if you have cargo stuck on the wharf needing clearance before removal.

Labour Hire

If you need periodic labour hire due to fluctuating work levels, we can hire out staff to work in your warehouses etc.


Helping avoid demurrage and penalty charges with cargo on-wharf.


Escorting visitors and cargo on and off-wharf.

Welcome to csl

With more and more businesses realising that the cost and opportunity cost of using their own staff to unpack containers is far greater than outsourcing this work, many are in search of alternatives in order to bring efficiency and synergy to their businesses. Now more than ever, managers are looking to save money where they can. Employing full-time staff is far more expensive than bringing in a skilled team to unpack containers in a matter of hours, at a known rate, into your warehouse ready to fill orders in a timely fashion.


At CSL we have listened to our clients, who are frustrated at wasting much of their time unpacking containers rather than focussing time and energy on tasks which will drive revenue growth. We offer two devanning options, as there are different preferences for different business models:


On-Wharf Container Devanning:

Wee strive to provide you with fast, inexpensive and efficient receipt of your cargo, as soon as it arrives in the country.

We are licensed to unpack and pack containers on-wharf at Ports of Auckland. This enables your company to streamline any urgent cargo movements for rapid delivery straight to your consignee store.

Creating synergy with transport in order to get your stock to you as soon as possible, we anticipate its arrival days in advance and liaise with the port to take possession of your container as soon as it is off the ship.

From there, we will have your cargo ready for delivery directly to your premises, within hours, for those all important urgent orders, or to be loaded directly into your warehouse providing peace of mind knowing your exact stock levels.

A revolutionary new system eliminating double handling, avoidable costs and delays.

Working closely with, and having ready access to MPI inspection, cleaning facilities and Customs agents, on-wharf devanning is an obvious option for slightly difficult packs or unpacks which saves time, rather than these services needing to visit your own transitional facility.

Whether you need to have your cargo packed, re-packed or unpacked, CSL provides a proven, efficient, high quality service completed to the highest expectations.

Off-Wharf Container Devanning:

We also specialise in on-site mobile devanning teams off-wharf, where we arrive ready to unpack/pack your containers at your MPI Transitional Facility with our highly qualified & experienced teams.

All our staff have MPI Accredited Persons certificates and are highly skilled fork lift operators, so you can have peace of mind knowing that we know what we are doing while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Our staff are well-versed in unpacking according to a manifest, palletising according to specific SKU's, wrapping, R-Coding and stacking in your store, ready for you to fulfill your orders or the next stage of processing the goods.

Many of our clients find that the opportunity cost of using their own staff to unpack containers is far greater than out-sourcing this work, so see the real value in having CSL working alongside to get their business running as efficiently as possible.

Our Special SERVICES

As well as devanning, we also specialise in palletising, wrapping, labeling, R-Coding & restacking your cargo ready for shipment.

Mobile Teams

Our teams will arrive at your Transitional Facility ready to devan your containers and cargo until the job is done.


Provide us with your manifest and we will load your pallets as per your requirements.


Once we have palletised your cargo, we will wrap them ready for shipment or warehousing.


We will R-Code your pallets for easy identification & distribution.


We can assist in escorting you and your goods both on and off the wharf at Ports of Auckland.

Container Off-Hire

We will happily organise the off-hire of your empty container when it is no longer needed.

CSL offers services both on and off wharf to satisfy all your cargo needs

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Years Servicing Auckland
Current Customers
Auckland Devanning Company

Why Choose us?

CSL are Licensed Port Operators

We are the only devanning company licensed to unpack/re-pack containers on Ports Of Auckland.

Highly Qualified Staff

We train up our staff as MPI Accredited Persons & licensed forklift drivers.

Urgent Service

We offer short notice service so that urgent cargo is ready for you as soon as it arrives in New Zealand.

Careful Handling of Valuable Goods

We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service in Auckland, as showcased by our recurring clients.


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We offer a comprehensive & diverse array of waterfront services in downtown Auckland:

  • Container DEVANNING / VANNING - both on wharf and offsite.
  • Escorting cargo and personnel through the port.
  • Stevedoring.
  • Provedoring.
  • Fixing the myriad problems which occur with shipping containers & cargo.
  • Loading and unloading ships.
  • We service several off-wharf warehouses within the greater Auckland area, providing Certified Man-up and Stacker warehouse drivers who work alongside our unpacking gangs.
Mobile: 027 493 2033

PO Box 101684 NSMC, Auckland 0627

About Cargo

CSL are the only Auckland specialist devanning company licensed to unpack containers on-wharf at Ports of Auckland. This enables your company to streamline urgent cargo movements for rapid delivery straight to your consignee store, using your vehicle, or an alternative by arrangement.

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